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Body Diary

Salud y bienestar

*** AWARDED 2nd PRIZE WINNER AT THE GOOGLE FIT DEVELOPER CHALLENGE ***Proportions in body parts matter! When you want to gain muscle, lose weight or recover from injuries, you cannot measure only your weight or your belly. Keep instead a diary of all your muscles so that you can see which specific muscle needs targeted training to reach your goal. 

However, Body Diary is not simply a journal of your body measures; it also allows you to relate your fitness activities to a specific measurement. Thanks to integration with the Google Fit platform, the data of all your fitness apps will come together in your journal. For example, you can see how many steps, kilometers and sport sessions you have done from one measurement to the other, which allows you to analyze how your training or daily activity has impacted your measures. This allows you to adjust accordingly.

Furthermore, Body Diary will automatically perform an online back-up so that all your journals will be in sync on all your devices and will be securely stored in case your phone is lost.

Don't wait to be healthy. Do it now! 
Stay fit ;-)